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Know how to plan a winter wedding!

Are you getting married in the remaining two months of the year or early 2019? Well, you are officially gonna have a memorable wedding since it will be chilly at your wedding which indirectly means your relatives will stay longer at the venue making it a full house.

Winter wedding season has arrived at the doorstep and it is undeniably one of the best times to get married. Your hair does not get frizzy, makeup doesn’t run with sweat, environs are oh-so-romantic and everything is just so cozy. Also, think about all the warm food you get to have which totally means delicacy paradise!

But hey, even though winter is the perfect season to tie the knot, there are a few inevitable scenarios you must keep in mind while planning a winter wedding. You gotta make some wise decisions revolving around the venue, decor, lighting, guests and so many other aspects to ensure that your winter wedding is etched in everyone’s hearts for all right reasons.


One of the first things that can make or break the wedding day! Now if it is a day wedding, you can have open air venue but only when it is dead sunny outside otherwise your guests might feel chilly and that is the last thing you want! If it is a night ceremony, definitely go for an indoor hall area so that they can feel warm and might end up sitting with you throughout the ceremony.

Also, if you are planning to host a reception party (which is mostly a night function) in open spaces, go for terrace gardens or lawn areas because then you can use patio heaters. And that can really work up for your guests!


Don’t get fooled by people who tell you how boring and unappealing couture gets in winter weddings. Brides can carry a pashmeena with their ensemble for a double dupatta look while also keeping you warm and fuzzy! Also, go for clothes with heavy inner lining or fabrics like velvet that can keep you balmy throughout the ceremony. For grooms, it’s a mostly win-win situation where they can wear body warmers and inners beneath their sherwanis. A tweed jacket can be worn just to accentuate the look while handing it over to your bride when she is chilly. *romantic*


Winters automatically make people hungry and by chance the wedding ceremony is in the evening, you will need a full balance of the food to make your guests cozy! Focus more on snacking options to include live barbeque and grillers, tawa items and hot beverages. Main course should include curries for more warmth. And keep on passing heaps of fried snacks like fritters, cheese balls, tikkas etc. throughout the ceremony. Also, sweet savoury items like jalebi, rabri, moong dal halwa are a constant hit so don’t forget to experiment with them! And have double arrangements of filter coffee and tea for your guests as they are going to be around for a longer time.


If you are having a destination wedding in a cold landscape, remember to make special arrangements for your guests. Like heaters in rooms, fur carpeting on floors, hot water kettles in rooms, seat warmers in case of a sit down ceremony etc. Give out customized hampers in rooms consisting of skin moisturizer, nutty snacks, gloves or socks to make your guests feel welcome all the time.

If having a wedding in your city only, try arranging warm seating areas for guests to sit or have seating options near the barbeque so they are hassle free of eating food. Also, if the wedding is going to be after hours, arrange warm beddings and assortments for guests to relax since midnight gets colder.


The lighting can make a difference! Winter nights are mostly gloomy so it is advisable to use hanging light bulbs and glitter fairy lights. Use lighting even on the carpet area to maximize the heat for warmth. Yu can also make use of flowers while winding them on the lamp shades which makes the look all the more authentic and natural.

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