If you are planning on getting married and want a fabulous and fun wedding, then 3 things you need to put on the top of your list.

Good Food, Perfect Venue, and DJ

DJ’s put the energy in the wedding, especially in Indian weddings; music makes it look like the complete wedding festivity.

But taking DJ is an additional expense! Maybe you are thinking that you can handle DJ business all alone. Choose one of your wedding guests as your DJ and you’re done!

But they cannot generate the magic in music, to set fire on the stage.

Only professional DJ’s got that skill. They can make your wedding a party with their music. DJ is the main place where you can see all cool dance moves, Uncles showing their crazy bhangra steps, aunties releasing their dancing skills, friends and cousins going crazy over throbbing beats, and the kids doing some clumsy moving. It’s sent your guests home with a cheerful smile and tormented feet. Also, DJ stage is the best place to photographers as this is the place they can catch the best energy and moments of the wedding.

There are a couple of weddings day minutes when clearly music is all required and that when the DJ helps to set the mood. Finding a mood-setting DJ that not only can suit your ear but also the tone of your wedding is a bit of task. But not a task for team Shaandaar! We know a portion of best in the business that will give you the music that suits you and your guest, sets the mood for the wedding and give you memory to smile.