Terms & Conditions

You can register for free on our site and we never charge our users with any fees. If we intend to, we will notify prior only when it becomes necessary.

You can register for free with a basic listing procedure via a detailed email sent to you. Shaandaar Weddingz would never charge you money without your authorization and consent.

Any legal adult, i.e. above the age of 18 can register on our portal with some basic details like name, address, email address which is required to uniquely identify you throughout your stay at the portal. If you are under the age of 13, a legal guardian can help transact or monitor your actions on the website.

Shaandaar weddingz reserves the right to cancel your membership or account with a stratergic reason. Users whose account have been terminated by shaandaar weddingz are not eligible for registering a user account.

Registration Obligations
You are entitled to provide a true and appropriate information about yourself and we advise regularly to change any basic information you intend to via your registered account. We take no responsibility of managing activities through your account since you have been advised to never share your password. However, if we feel your account is being violated, we will notify you numerous times to keep a check on the account activities. Also, in any circumstances of false data provided by you on the site, we shall have the rights to terminate your membership and refuse to provide access to the site.

Under certain circumstances like site trafficking, price and listing issues, quantity discretion and other related issues. However, we will be notifying you a proper reason for the same. In case of order cancellations or service denied after deduction of money, the money will be tallied back to your account. shaandaar weddingz does not hold any responsibility of cancelled order between you and the vendors and will not be able to reverse back your money to the account. we as a merchant do not hold any responsibility of any loss or damage to the credit cardholder’s payment gateway or exceeding the preset limit by the user.

Your account
You are solely and at length responsible for any activity arising out of your account and shall be abiding all the local, state, national and foreign laws and treaties. You also hereby take response of your password, notifications and other account confidentiality. However, if found not applicable, Shaandaar weddingz reserves the rights to deactivate your account anytime.

Any comment, question, review, rating, description, suggestion or information is welcome on the site as long as the content is not violatory, derogatory, obscene, threatening, defamatory, infringing to third parties, violation to intellectual property rights and otherwise injurious to someone’s reputation. The comment should be free from software malpractice and should not be part of any kind of mass mailings or ‘’spams’’.

If you do post any content on our website, you give shaandaar weddingz the sole right to use the information worldwide in a direct context on any social media platform they require. You also grant access to use the name through which the comment was posted. You may use any content available on the site for personal and non-commercial usage and may not post any related content on web or other media. You cannot make additional warranties or representations to the content and make no modifications to the said content.

You may not use a false email address or identity in lieu of which your content can be deleted by Shaandaar weddingz. You represent and warrant the rights and authority of the content that you have posted, the content is accurate and does not violate the policy of these terms and conditions. Shaandaar weddingz has the right but not the obligation to monitor and review content on the website. It does not take responsibility of the content posted by you or any third party.

Electronic Communications
While connecting with us, you are using an electronic medium. We will chat with you via an email or website notices whichever possible at the said time. You agree that all conversations, notices, and disclosures are abided by legal fixtures.

Regulation of rights

You may not use the site for the following purposes:-
1. Posting any unlawful, libelous, threatening, vulgar, harmful, abusive content on the website.
2. Gaining unauthorized access to third party software usage.
3. Indemnifying any applicable laws
4. Transmitting copies of the content without the permission of the owner.
5. Interfering with other’s usage of the site

Shaandaar weddingz reserve the rights to indemnify, suspend or terminate any account or activity with their sole discretion. The company can take legal action against those if found creating problems or hurting the intellectual property rights of third parties. We also confirm to carry the rights of deactivating accounts those have been inactive for an optimum period of time.

You must bear the risk of using this website. The website does not entail a guarantee or warranty situation. The site uses content from various other internet mediums and shaandaar weddingz in its true spirit always confirms the information taken. However, it cannot guarantee the situation. We are not responsible for the errors, omissions, completeness, reliability, and accuracy of the said information. This directly implies that we hold no responsibilities or warranties to you in terms of timeliness, accuracy, references on the site. The only liability we hold is of product value service.

Consequently, there is no responsibility in terms of damage, loss, delay of your product since we are
a merchant and not providers of service.


You agree and confirm the following:-
1. To use the site in the parameters of law and legal guidance and to use it for commercial
lawful processes only.
2. To provide the accurate details of yourself and true information in regard to wherever
asked. Upon finding the details to be untrue, shaandaar weddingz bears the rights to cancel
the account and deter the said user from using the website and its services.
3. To use this website at your own risk and access to its service by using your best judgment
4. To be aware that you are exposed on our site and prone to unauthorized software accessing
your personal information. Please carefully select the information you choose to display on
our site.