Privacy Policy

At shaandaar weddingz, your privacy is entitled to a consent based safe reach third party policy. we use your personal information for marketing our services and products to you. we might use the information for detecting criminal activity or fraud, describing products related to you and informing about new offers and services.

However, the directed third parties may or may not contact to you. we share information with businesses linked to us which directly will benefit your requirements.

In order to use our services, you will be required to disclose your personal details like name, email address, phone number, location (at specific points only), residence address or any other similar information. This is because you will be identified with that particular email address only. This occurs through any electronic medium like a desktop, mobile handset or a personal computer.

Shandaar weddingz can at any point change its privacy policy without any notice. Please visit the website regularly to know about any changes in the policy.

By accepting our privacy policy, you express consent over our implicit use of your private details in accordance with the boundaries of this privacy policy.

For more clarity, please go through our privacy policy-

Collected information
The personal information is collected for two general purposes: for making your unique identification on the site and to have a personal uptake on your ideas and customization for the event. This personal information will only be used with your discretion on any of our social media handles.

Time to time, we might use ‘’cookies’’ to make your browsing easy and accessible. However, if you wish to not see them on your browser history, you can always decline them and they won’t appear in your hard drive only if your browser permits. However, appearance of cookies by third parties is not under our control and they can appear anywhere throughout for brand promotion and campaigns.

We use third-party service providers on our website and provide them with their brand promotions and marketing. Links are provided on the website for the same. If you encounter such links and want to get yourself registered on their social portal, we suggest you to review their privacy policy as well. We are in no manner responsible for the content on their site and hold no responsibility of your information on their web portal.

You hereby acknowledge that you are disclosing your information voluntarily. In any case if you wish to remove your information from the site you can do so by contacting us on the email ID mentioned below.

We acknowledge that we will be using your information to-

Provide you with services of your interests

Provide you with information related to the services you chose to. Again, this is only done when you provide consent for it.

Provide you with customary changes on our website.

You can use our website on mobile handsets accordingly and we apply the provisions of such privacy policy to it as well.

The services of shaandaar weddingz is liable for usage to a general audience of 18 years and above or to children who are 13 but using it under a parental guidance throughout. The credit/debit/cheque/account details submitted by you can be operated by a legal guardian or guarantor while using your account on the website. We do not carry the responsibility of it.

We value your trust in us. We are committed to soliciting your personal information and will not be sharing it with related or unrelated parties on our medium. We thank you for showing your interest in our services and will serve you with full faith for future recommendations to your friends and family.

Personal information will be shared only during one of these occasions-

If we have your consent OR

If we are deemed to do so

To protect your security, we will be taking necessary steps for security reasons. You can anyways edit your information on the website. Since we use a commercial medium for our products, you can be listed at multiple third-party portals. We do not hold responsibility for it.

You can always mail any query to